Adrian Collins

Group Training Clinics and Personal Training

Services Offered:

  • Training Clinics (1 hour): focusing on building endurance, developing and perfecting skills, and Strength and Conditioning in a small group setting
  • 1 on 1 personal training session (30min-1 hour): Focusing on your individual goal (speed, gain muscle, lose weight, tone up)
  • Boot Camps: Challenging group fitness sessions works on team work and physical growth (seasonal)

About Me:

Growing up watching NBA greats, studying the game, awarded 1st and 2nd team All OCC (all Ohio Conference), and playing college ball, I developed a passion for the game and its craft. Since becoming a certified personal trainer helping perfect athlete’s and individuals skills, endurance, and confidence through training I have discovered my calling. It’s always been something about gaining that confidence on the court that really shapes you as a Man and gets you ready for life! Mentoring and training go hand in hand and I’m here to merge the two and help continue to mold the young athletes and men of the future. LETS GOOOO!


  • Group Clinics: $5-$10/hr
  • Personal Training: Individualized pricing based off goals
    *Affordable, Based on Group size, Frequency, and Availability

Contact Information:

Adrian Collins 614 999.4242 or